This blog is for the random stuff I come up with while programming. Due to Objective-C being my current language of choice, this means that many of my posts here will probably be in that language (and pertaining to iOS or MacOS development), although knowing a handful of other languages means I might post other things here too.

I’ve been programming for roughly 7 years now, having started sometime in 3rd grade. Since then, I’ve done .NET, Javascript/HTML/CSS+PHP/MySQL; and of course C, C++, and Objective-C for fun in my spare time.

Why do I blog? Two reasons:

1 ) To have someplace to monologue about programming (hacks/tricks/whatnot)

2) Because I’m 16 and should really have something to show for my programming efforts already!


3 Responses to About

  1. Jeffrey M. Birnbaum says:

    it is midnight and I am deep into debugging some weird store problem with a db that I wrote so I decided to look at you blog while doing some compilations. nice start, but let’s see if you can keep it going … cheers

  2. Jared, I just saw the link in your blogroll! Thanks a lot.

    I’m surprised I’ve never seen your blog before; this shit is really cool. I love all your work with the Objective-C Runtime. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Dave Morford says:

    Great start Jared. Have you considered applying what you are learning as an application or tool? Perhaps a utility app for Cocoa developers leveraging some aspect of your explorations of Cocoa and the Obj-C language and runtime. Creating useful, simple and beautiful software for people is a guiding principle in every good Mac and iOS developer. Finding an idea would give your writing a general theme and a goal to achieve.  Cheers!

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